How to get rid of spots under the skin (blind pimples)

How to get rid of spots under the skin (blind pimples)

Spots under the skin, also called blind pimples can be caused by a variety of different factors. Common causes include allergies, sun exposure and hormonal changes. The best way to get rid of spots under the skin is to identify and address the underlying cause.


If your spots are due to an allergic reaction, it’s important to avoid contact with whatever substance is triggering the reaction. You may need to take an antihistamine or steroid medication to reduce inflammation and relieve symptoms. Sun exposure can lead to pigmentary issues such as melasma, freckles and lentigines (liver spots). To prevent these types of spots from forming or worsening, wear sunscreen every day with at least SPF 30, and remember to use a reduct that will help heal any damaged skin.


Allergies could mean mean hay fever, food intolerances or an increased exposure to sunlight or pollution. Getting an online food intolerance kit, could help rule food allergies in or out very quickly.


Hormonal changes can also cause spots under the skin, often appearing in women during pregnancy or menopause and could stretch to changes in contraception. For these types of spots, an over-the-counter acne medication may help to reduce inflammation and improve overall skin health. For men, changes in stress levels, sweat exposure and sunlight can all be causes. Also bear in mind that many men, in particular younger men have a relative intolerance to their own sweat, which can cause irritation and pain - particularly when then layered with other damage, eg sun exposure.


Diet, stress and exposure are all huge contributing factors, so as well as having a solid and consistent skincare routine, its important to make sure these other factors are considered to improve your overall skin health.


If your blind pimples are persistent or bothersome, it’s important to see a doctor for evaluation. A dermatologist can identify the underlying cause and provide personalized treatment recommendations.

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