How It Started

"I'll be honest, for years I would dip in and out of my wife's cosmetics draw to steal her skincare products which just seemed to be of significantly higher quality than most available to men! For years I searched for a high quality mens product that worked for me - without breaking the bank! This is where Fort was born...natural, high performance skincare for men, that is sustainably sourced and produced in the UK"

"Fort never really felt like a business, it's a community of men who want to source products that help make them look and feel their best. That's where the real purpose is - allowing men to look and feel their best, giving them the confidence to go out and be the best versions of themselves"

       - Tom, Founder  

How Its Going

Having now been seen in some of the most respected publications in the world, Fort has shipped to countries all over Europe and is quickly establishing itself as a disruptor in what was a stagnant and under-served sector.

Manufacturing high performance, natural products, we are really starting to deliver on our vision of providing men all over the UK and the rest of the world, with the confidence to go out and be the best versions of themselves.